⭐ Highlighted clients

Take a look at some of our happy past clients and the websites we built for them.

🏘️ Larum Nidis

This site was built with Wordpress in 2019 for a Dutch client. It is designed to mostly be a one-pager design, but can be extended to have more pages with ease.

🌍 Visit laurmnidis.nl

😎 Invesvpo

Even though I had no idea of how I wanted my website to look, I think it turned out looking good. All I gave them to work with was a moodboard, but they kept in touch with me to make sure it was perfect.

🌍 Visit invesvpo.com

⛪ Life Centre Livingston

This site was made in 2018 with Wordpress for a local church and has many features like galleries, calendar, blogging and file uploads.

🌍 Visit lifecentrelivingston.com

🦊 Trick The Fox

The site is amazing, the work that went into it is incredible. The look and small details make it so amazing. They were always there to answer any questions I had and were happy to change the things I wanted.

🌍 Visit trickthefox.com