⭐ Highlighted clients

Take a look at some of our happy past clients and the websites we built for them.

🏘️ Larum Nidis

This site was built with Wordpress in 2019 for a Dutch client. It is designed to mostly be a one-pager design, but can be extended to have more pages with ease.

🌍 Visit laurmnidis.nl

😎 Invesvpo

Even though I had no idea of how I wanted my website to look, I think it turned out looking good. All I gave them to work with was a moodboard, but they kept in touch with me to make sure it was perfect.

🌍 Visit invesvpo.com

⛪ Life Centre Livingston

This site was made in 2018 with Wordpress for a local church and has many features like galleries, calendar, blogging and file uploads.

🌍 Visit lifecentrelivingston.com

📸 Danny Fiers

This site was made for a client in 2022 and is a portfolio for a starting photography business. It was made with Wordpress and has a gallery with the ability to upload private customer albums and lock them behind passwords for his clients to review before purchasing.

🌍 Visit dannyfiers.nl