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DubbelNull is a small IT development team from The Netherlands. We make and design web-based applications of all kinds including; back-end servers, front-end experiences, mobile apps, and PWA. As long as it's based on web protocols, we can make it.

Crystal clear sense

We understand the struggle of long meetings only to still have misunderstandings. We are straight to the point and will inform you of your options upfront.

Service focused

We can always work something out, even if what you need is not technically in our range of offerings. Our mission is to help make you succeed and own the IT space.

Future proof

We work with the newest technologies and use agnostic systems to ensure they will keep working even if an individual piece gets outdated.

Involved and committed

Our job resulted from our hobby as IT enthusiasts. Our enjoyment is to see your product succeed, so everything we do is geared towards that goal.

Price minded

We are a small startup with very little background costs. Those cost savings are directly forwarded to you, the client.

Flexible and versatile

We work with a large range of technologies, but we're not afraid to try out new things if the situation calls for it either.

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